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Zit Zapping Dots

Zit Zapping Dots

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These mini blemish fighting marvels are as cool as they sound. Formulated with Salicylic Acid to exfoliate, Charcoal to detoxify and antioxidant-rich Tomatoes, our award winning Zit Zapping Dots purge pores and help to banish the appearance of breakouts overnight. The black and red dots are equally effective. After your daily routine of cleansing, treating and moisturizing, just peel, press, and zap!

PEEL off dot from strip after cleansing and dampening affected area.

PRESS side of dot that was on the backing on top of the zit. Make sure the skin is wet, or the dot won’t stick.

ZAP zits by keeping dot in place for 8-10 hours, then remove gently and discard. Cleanse and skin before applying another fresh dot, if desired.

2019 Glamour Beauty Award Winner

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