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Daily Gel Cleanser

Daily Gel Cleanser

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Yes to Watermelon Daily Gel Cleanser is a refreshing way to save face -- and by that we mean, enjoy a refreshingly gentle, yet effective hydrating cleanse that won’t strip your gorgeous skin. Formulated for all skin types—and loaded with Watermelon Extract, Aloe and Vitamin C—this unique gel formula creates a lather that gently dissolves and breaks down makeup, oil, dirt and impurities for a brighter, cleaner, smoother complexion.

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Customer Reviews

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Cleans Well, not greasy

It was getting almost impossible to find the Watermelon face cleanser that I have been using for the past 5+ years at a normal price. So I decided to try this one and was glad I did.It cleans well. It doesn't dry out my skin. It does NOT clog my pores. My facial skin walks a fine line between being a bit dry & pore clogging with too much moisture causing pimples.I also Love that this one is in a tube. It makes it easier to squeeze out just the little that is necessary.

Tina marotta

I absolutely love this face wash I was breaking out and dry my skin looks amazing now clear n soft. Unfortunately I think they are discontinuing this product😭😭I I've been buying when I can get it.

Great for combination skin.

I've recently started a skin-care routine and this has been the great face wash for a good foundation for other products. I have commination skin where the area around my mouth gets VERY dry, to the point of discoloration, while my T zone gets so oily over the day that I can wipe it with a paper towel and see a visible spot on the paper. A lot of face washes I tried would help either my dry area or my oily area wile making the other area even worse.This is the first facewash I've tried that actually works great for my skin, if you have similar issues with your skin I absolutely recommend it. And a bonus is the scent is great! It dosent smell fake like watermelon candy, it smells like youre biting into a fresh slice of the fruit!


I picked this up on a whim while I was at TJMaxx not expecting much, but, this stuff is gooooodddd!! I paid $4 for it, the smell is pleasant and my very angry, sensitive and rosacea prone skin is reacting well to it. My face feels so soft after cleansing.

Dat truong

It so good