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Charcoal Peel-Off Mask

Charcoal Peel-Off Mask

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This charcoal-infused peel-off mask gently purges your pores while lifting away excess oil and exfoliating your skin. Formulated with 95% natural ingredients like antioxidant-rich Tomato Extract, Charcoal and Glycerin, this top-selling vegan peel-off mask works overtime to deep clean and detoxify your beautiful skin while retaining and restoring your natural balance.

After cleansing your face (and before moisturizing) use the built-in, mess-free applicator to layer on a mask that gently peels away the impurities, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth.

*Recommended for adult use only.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

I love the mask and the applicator. Now due to the applicator on the mask, the liquid mask comes out thin. The mask is applied thin but overall the mask is great.

Shey Khaksar
Addicted to this self-care mask!

With majority natural ingredients, this is great for at-home skincare. Use every couple weeks. Tho packaging would be better in container with brush, this is a staple in my routine. Alongside my everyday regimen, it really revives my skin + rids impurities. I do place in separate container for ease of use, but it’s worth it for me til “YES” changes their packaging!

Takes away the hangover

This mask is magical, I put it on and afterwards I’m glowing even if I drank alcohol the night before. I’ve been using it since 2019 as a secret weapon. It doesn’t “peel off” well, but it works really well.

JoLing, Chang
It’s help for my ACNE !

I think have to say something ~ it’s good product! My Acne was bad, especially after 12 hour “face shield “ & “ N95”, charcoal peeling mask does help my skin not as oily as it was!At least, no new acne comes out!I love it!

Yusiley Sierra
Great peel off and fun to apply!

I am a long term veteran at this point when it comes to peel-offs. I had used the cucumber from freeman since 1994. Unfortunately after 2000s the formula changed and I had to stop using it. Even into the 2010s the Freeman brand has not gone back to their original thicker formula that they once had in the mid 90s. I wanted to try this Yes to Tomatoes peel off. Looked interesting and seem like fun to finally have an applicator which I don't need to use my fingers anymore to apply the stuff. It was one of the things I hated about peel-offs, but loved the results afterwards. The cucumber peel-offs were always my secret weapon to having acne free, blemish free, no skin problem best friend, so I imagine tomatoes would work wonders.First, I LOVE THE THICK TEXTURE OF THIS! The thickness reminds me of the original Freeman cucumber peel-off from the original 1990s bottles. It felt like it on the skin too!Secondly, it also sticks onto the skin perfectly! This will peel off the hairs off your skin! Another thing I never had to worry about growing up in the 1990s with the original Freeman brand. This stuff did the TRICK!I don't know why the negative comments. This is exactly what I needed as a replacement from the too liquid weaker brand I had used for 25 years already! Yes to Tomatoes is a must peel off mask for those who grew up with stronger, stickier, heavier peel off masks from the 90s. Make sure to apply thicker amounts to have easier once swipe or peel off movement when the stuff dries up. Make sure it is absolutely completely desert dry! Any about of moisture will have residue and make complete, clean removal difficult.The dark color makes application easier too, because I see where exactly I need to apply the substance onto, making even application process possible.The smell isn't bad either.After using this once a week, I notice a difference on skin texture. Normally, I look 15-20 years younger than my actual age, this stuff just amplifies that. Genetics plays a lot with this, but eating right, physical activity, vitamins and taking care of your helps and adds a lot to the factor. I highly recommend this stuff for those who grew up with heavier, thicker peel-offs from the 90s and need a replacement that is just as good in the 21st century. Hopefully, this doesn't change the formula and turn weaker like Freeman. Keep up the awesome work YES.