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Calming Facial Wipes – 30ct

Calming Facial Wipes – 30ct

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Whether you’re out and about, going for a run, or having a late night, these pre-moistened facial wipes make it a snap to refresh on-the-go. They gently remove dirt, sweat and makeup without the need to rinse, leaving your skin feeling clean and renewed.

Formulated with 96% natural ingredients, these cleansing wipes for sensitive skin include skin-soothing ingredients like Cucumbers, that helps calm skin and reduce the appearance of redness, Green Tea for its soothing properties, and Aloe, that absorbs easily and helps to improve skin hydration.

And what makes these daily facial wipes even better is that they are plant-based and compostable under both municipal and home conditions.* So you can put them in your home compost bin with your coffee grounds and banana peels, and know that it’s safe for the environment, your plants and for you!

* For Municipal Composting, check local facilities. Do not flush.

WINNER of Allure Best of Beauty 2011 & 2015!

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