Draft design of No.to/

24 Dec



Again, user’s ability to change file suffix, sponsor link, and even the prefix “Vote”.   For example, prefix can be “Say” No.to.    “Demand” No.to.   And others.

Yes.to Draft Graphical Design

23 Dec

Here is a new Yes.to draft design.  You will create the file suffix “cause”, which can be most terms.   For example, Yes.to/Obama (and No.to/Obamacare).   Yes.to/Cowboys (and No.to/Cowboys).   You select the file suffix wording.

Then, elaborate within the box on why you are Yes.to your cause.

Its click links will follow later.   One can see presently a sponsor click link promoting a Yesto product or a Yes to slogan campaign.   More features are being added.

Hope you like it!


New image for review

4 Sep


Upcoming Houston seminar

18 Jul

Learn about Yes.to, No.to, Maybe.to,  Undecided.to, and Yesto.com’s upcoming developments at our Houston, TX seminar.


Join us.

Elections and sloganeering

10 Jul

Do you have a political cause you’d like to promote?   Let us know, and we can help you win the cause.   On behalf of Yes.to, No.to, Yesto.com, we would love to help you develop several components of an effective interactive slogan campaign.

Additionally, we can provide political campaigns use of more inventions,including an invention using remote email signatures.  

These new-to-the-world web services can in themselves generate great PR for your cause.  For example, in a Houston mayoral campaign, when we introduced one of these web services, Fox TV broadcasted a news broadcast, with of course, our mayoral candidate name being used with the invention.

Interested in winning elections or promote a political cause?    Let inventions from Yesto.com, Yes.to, and No.to help you!

Upcoming seminar

10 Jul

Please join us for more presentations on Yes.to, No.to, Yesto.com, Maybe.to, Undecided.to.   We will be providing web architecture and business plans.  If you are a developer or marketer or someone interested in seeing the details of a new web service being developed, please do join us.

Location:  Houston, Texas.

Date:  Will be announced


Developers– new-to-world web services forthcoming

10 Feb

Are you a worldclass developer interested in creating new-to-the-world web services?    Several new web services are forthcoming here, and they can use your skills.   Please contact us by posting.   Thanks!


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