Why Cucumbers for Sensitive Skin

Benefits of Cucumber

Cucumbers are super hydrating. We know that staying hydrated is crucial for staying healthy and maintaining clear skin. If you’re like most people and have a hard time getting in your eight glasses of water a day, consider that consuming cucumbers can help you reach your recommended daily fluid intake. Since they’re made of 95 percent water, you can be sure a cup of cukes will contribute significantly to your hydration needs.

Cucumber in Skincare

It’s this high water content that makes cucumbers a must-have ingredient in skin care. Combine it with other soothing natural ingredients like Aloe and Witch Hazel and you have an effective and gentle product line to calm even the most sensitive skin. From gentle cleansers to refreshing masks, our fan favorite products like the Calming Facial Wipes keep skin clean, clear, and happy.

Yes To Cucumber Products

Unlike our other lines, the Yes To Cucumber collection, launched in 2008, contains a unique, cooling two-step eye kit that includes the Daily Eye Treatment and Depuffing Under Eye Masks. In fact, after 4 weeks of use, 92% of users said this Two-Step Kit felt gentle to the skin with no signs of irritation.

Formulated to soothe and moisturize the delicate eye area, the Daily Eye Treatment glides on, with soothing Cucumber Extract to smooth and calm, Caffeine to de-puff, and Evodia Fruit Extract helping to minimize and reduce the appearance of dark circles. 90% of users claimed the treatment left the undereye area feeling nourished, soothed, smoothed and moisturized.

Follow up the treatment with our Depuffing Under Eye Masks to give an extra boost in decreasing puffiness and the appearance of dark circles in just 10 minutes. 97% of users claimed the masks left their undereye feeling smoothed, and over 90% said the masks left their undereye feeling soothed and less puffy. Use these two products together and you’ve got an eye treatment that will leave your eyes looking youthful, bright, and ready for the day.

Whether you have delicate, sensitive skin or you’re looking to soothe irritated skin, our full line of Yes To Cucumber products make sure you feel calm, cool, and collected.

Each of our toners address a different skin need, meaning there is something for everyone, just the way we like it. Our three formulas are alcohol-free and contain a mix of star ingredients to effectively help your skin appear smoother and healthier. Sure there are those who are genetically blessed and can get away with barely touching their skin. For the rest of us who want a little extra TLC, get out your reusable cotton rounds and keep reading.

To soothe sensitive skin post-cleanse, turn to the Cucumber Calming Toner. This refreshing and gentle toner is packed with Cucumbers, Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera to help cleanse, moisturize, calm and balance the skin’s pH. The most universal of formulas, this alcohol-free toner can be used by anyone as your go-to toner no matter your skin type.

If you’re looking for something that treats the skin further, then our other offerings – loaded with AHA and BHAs – may be your new skin savers. You can use these as your only toner or alternate every few days with the Cucumber Calming Toner.

The Tomatoes Blemish Fighting Toner is ideal for those with oily and blemish-prone skin. Formulated with antioxidant-rich Tomatoes and detoxifying Charcoal, it also contains Witch Hazel, Tea Tree and a blend of 10% acids that exfoliate the skin, helping improve skin tone and texture.

Blemish fighting and brightening toner

And since everyone wants their skin to shine (we’re talking dewy, not greasy), we’ve formulated an exfoliating and moisturizing toner that will help your skin appear brighter and smoother. Thanks to the combination of grapefruit and 10% AHA and BHA acids like glycolic acid, lactic acid and willow bark extract, the Grapefruit Daily Exfoliating Tonic will help your dull and uneven skin achieve a more radiant glow.