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Mask Applicator

all mask types

Yes to your new mask time BFF (best friend forever) to lend a helping hand for a mess-free, even mask application and it can even help peel away the nasties in a flash! Can be used to apply your favorite Mud Mask, Clay Mask, Peel-Off Mask, DIY Mask or Gel Mask!

MSRP: $6.29

APPLY: Using the applicator, smooth an even layer of your favorite mask onto clean skin. Rounded tip glides easily around the nose, mouth and eye area for precise application.

PEEL-OFF MASKING: Use the applicator to build up an edge around the mask. Once the mask is fully dry, use the applicator to help lift the edges and then start peeling away!

EASY TO CLEAN: After use, rinse away any remaining product from the applicator and let dry.

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